Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the rules and safety policies?
A: All of our rules must be agreed to before booking and Hipcamp states that you have an opportunity to do so before the reservation is accepted. You may also see our list of rules on our website here:
In addition, Hipcamp should send you a complete list of the rules via email before your check in date. Check your email’s Junk or Spam folder if you have not received it.

Q: When are you open?
A: We are open on Friday and Saturday nights from March/April through October, when the weather is best. In addition, we are open Sunday nights on Summer Holiday weekends (Memorial and Labor Day, and sometimes for the 4th of July weekend). In the future we plan to be open for self check-in camping at other times, but we’re still working on developing this.


Q: Do you have a Waiting List when the campground is full?
A: Hipcamp does not offer a Waiting List service. Please email us if a certain date/tent site that you want has already been booked and we will try to let you know if it becomes available.


Q: Do you have Drinking Water?
A: No, there is no Drinking Water available at this time. Please bring AT LEAST a gallon per person for drinking, cooking and tooth brushing. There is untreated water for putting out your campfire, the shower and basic washing.


Q: Does my tent site have a fire pit?
A: Sheltered Campfire and North Slope have private campfires. Redwood Ring has one shared campfire. All campfires have a grill to cook on. We do not have plans to add individual campfires to each site at the Redwood Ring campground
Many people have told us that they really enjoy the shared campfire at Redwood Ring and prefer it over an individual one because they meet so many great people. Otherwise, let us know if it’s a problem and then go ahead and cancel your reservations so you can book a more private site at North Slope or Sheltered Campfire where you will have your own private campfire.
“Communal fire was a great surprise, with delightful neighbors.” - from one of our reviews

Q: Is there any equipment available for cooking?
A: We do not provide a stove or cooking pot, but there is a grill at the campfire that you can use and we provide a reasonable amount of firewood. If you have a stove and cookware you can certainly bring it along. Bringing a portable BBQ is fine as long as you adhere to our rule that all fires must be Dead Out when not attended; so that means the fire pit must be cold, wet and no longer hissing.

Q: Do you provide wood for the campfire?
A: Yes, we do provide a reasonable amount of free firewood at this time. You can also purchase more firewood before you arrive at most grocery stores in the area and at Memorial Park.

Q: How large is my tent site?
A: Each tent site varies. We list the approximate measurements at the bottom of each campground listing on Hipcamp.

Q: Are children included in the number of campers allowed?
A: Children 12 and under are not counted. Instead, you should be realistic about how many kids you can comfortably fit in your tent. Please see the campground listing on Hipcamp for the approximate dimensions of each tent site to make sure yours will fit.


Q: Can I add more people to my tent site?
A: Adding extra people ages 13 and older depends on the campground.
Sheltered Campfire can reasonably accommodate 4-6 people.
Redwood Ring tent sites are relatively small, so there is a 2 person maximum.
North Slope sites 1 and 3 can accommodate extra people, especially NS 3 which is our largest and most private site. NS 2 is about as small as the Redwood Ring sites, so we do not approve requests for extra people there.

Q: Which site is the most private?
A: North Slope Site 3 (NS3) is the most private. It is at the top of the property and there is no foot traffic going by. North Slope 1 is also very private, at the end of its own dirt road. Sheltered Campfire is tucked away and very private, but it is close to the shared shower and there may be some foot traffic nearby.

Q: Is WiFi/Internet available at the camp site?
A: We do have wifi available in the parking lot and the Info Kiosk near the main gate. It is possible that Sheltered Campfire and the area below it can catch the signal if conditions are right and your antenna is strong, but we don’t guarantee WiFi coverage anywhere at this time.

Q: Can we bring our RV, Trailer, Bus, or Pop-Up Camper?
A: Parking space is very limited. We don't have room for RVs/Trailers/Buses/Campers at this stage of development. Small Pop-Up campers may be allowed if we have not reached capacity, you must email us first. If you want to send us your email address we can let you know when spots like that do become available.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Sorry, we only allow licensed service dogs at this time. An emotional support animal is not included, even with a doctor's note.

Q: Can I bring my hammock?
A: Hammocks are not allowed to be hung on redwood trees and Madrones due to their very soft and breakable bark. It can damage the bark if done improperly, or at least leave an ugly ring around the tree which detracts from the next visitors experience. Oaks, Tan Oaks, and Douglas Fir Trees are acceptable for hammocks and you will find more of these in the North Slope Campground.

Q: Can I smoke?
A:  Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot and at your private campfire (not including Redwood Ring unless you are alone). Please don’t toss butts in the campfire as we use the ashes in the gardens and they usually don’t burn up fully. Make sure butts are Dead Out and wet before putting them in your trash bag (provided) to pack out with you.

Q: We are a little concerned about the weather. I noticed that your rules state that the campground may be closed due to rain, so I wanted to check in and ask if you foresee a cancellation for this weekend.
A: We haven’t ever had to cancel reservations due to storms, mostly because we just stay closed in the rainy winter months. Do be aware that branches can fall from trees in heavy winds, especially in the first storms of the year, typically October and November. Sheltered Campfire is the best site when it’s raining and we plan to add more primitive shelters for 2018.

Q: Given the high fire danger, is it currently ok to have fires at this site?
A: We take forest fires EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY. Fires are only allowed at designated fire pits or the raised ones that we provide. Fire can spread underground, smouldering through extensive tree roots and pop up somewhere else weeks later. However, campfires in our pits are generally no problem from March-June as there's typically been enough rain during the winter to keep the ground wet. We also wet the ground down every week to keep things moist and support the vegetation nearby. We will let you know on our listing if we are currently not allowing campfires, or we will write to you if you have a site reserved before we posted this announcement.

Q: Is the campground close to the creek, and is the creek swim-able?
A: Currently our camp sites are not close to the creek. Our section of the creek is not swim-able, but creek access may be found in Memorial Park, or you can simply visit the ocean about 10 minutes away.