Fires in designated pits only. You can burn paper and food scraps. You must douse the fire completely when done. It’s always a good idea to always bring some paper and matches along. Water, firewood and kindling is available at each fire pit, so please don't wander off collecting your own wood. Never, ever, ever burn Poison Oak!

Drinking Water is not currently available. You should bring a gallon or two of drinking water along per person. Never drink water that is not specifically marked as "Potable" or "Drinking Water"!

Dogs and other pets are not allowed at this time.

There is a portapotty available by the main gate.

We offer trash bags for your waste and recycling to take away with you. You can burn paper, but never plastics. Food scraps should be sealed in bags or thoroughly burned in the campfire to help us reduce annoying pests.


McCormick Creek Camp is a relaxed place, but every place has hazards and hassles, especially because it is still wild. This is not "glamping," it is a place for real life. We will all have more fun if you understand and follow the rules which we all abide by.

*All Guests must read, sign and return the Waiver of Liability upon arrival.* While by no means a complete list of safety rules and potential hazards, it will put you in the right mindset to be careful where care is needed.

The camp may be closed during storms or flooding without prior notice due to reasons beyond our control. You will receive a refund and priority booking for your next visit. We don't want anyone getting hurt by rising waters or falling branches!

Quiet hours from 11pm till 7am on Fridays and Saturdays, 10pm-7am all other days. There are other active campgrounds in the area (such as the YMCA and Memorial Park) which sometimes make noise during quiet hours. We ask that you respect other campers privacy and solitude if your quiet music or loud conversation is bothering them.

Fighting, abusive words or behavior and unauthorized parking of vehicles at the Property are strictly prohibited.

Indiscreet and heavy/hard drinking or drug use is not ok.  Please be mindful of the dangers of smoking during the dry season as well.

There is an Emergency Only telephone (land line) down by the creek at the Greenhouse Dining Pavilion.

As we are very limited with Staff, please do not bring additional Visitors to the camp.

We have very limited parking space available, so we only allow one vehicle per tent site (two vehicles ok for the Sheltered Campfire aka Site 1 on Redwood Hill). If we have the space, it is $20 extra per vehicle, payable by cash or check upon arrival, but you must arrange it ahead of time. If we do not have the space you might consider parking ten minutes away in Pescadero and car pooling from there. Sorry, no RV's, trailers, or buses.

If you are under 18 years old you must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Tent sites in designated areas only.

Keep outside of areas marked as Closed or Private.

Refrain from unauthorized photography or audio and video recording of Private or Closed areas.

Please help us keep pests to a minimum by keeping food in your cooler, tent or Guest Cabinets when available. We do not have a refrigerator. You can buy ice bags or blocks at most gas stations and grocery stores in the area.